Mars Haunted House - Milwaukee, WI

Built in the late 1800’s, the main floor of the building was used as a sales floor for retail goods. The upstairs was used for a variety of purposes. One half of the building was composed of many small rooms in which one could get medical attention or dental work for nominal fees. The other half was used as an apartment-type house, which was the residence of a single family.

The original and only family that occupied the apartment was the Miltons. The Miltons mainly kept to themselves, and according to locals, the family was rarely seen on the streets of Milwaukee. Occasionally,  there would be an outburst or scream that came from the apartment; sometimes a series of arguments that would continually worsen. The fights were overheard by the workers on the floor, but nothing was ever investigated.

In the afternoon on Monday, October 3, 1943, at approximately 3:00 p.m., Mr. Milton arrived at his home intoxicated; he had lost his job, and was quite upset. An argument ensued with his wife--soon the children arrived home, and the argument worsened. The drunken father threatened his family with a loaded shotgun, which he accidentally discharged at one of the children. In an attempt to cover his gross mistake, the father decided to shoot and kill each member of his entire family of six. Mr. Milton then killed himself.

Years passed, and stories of the murderous scene flew through the streets of the South Side. Strange incidents were taking place in the upstairs of the building, just yards from the murder scene. Miscellaneous items from the offices were found in the vacant apartment. Nobody confessed. Pieces of furniture--chairs, desks, bureaus, would move all by themselves. Pictures on the walls would go crooked daily. Nobody could explain it. Finally an apparition specialist investigated the building. He agreed that there was indeed a “ghostly presence”. After talking with the specialist, the occupants soon moved out.

September, 1983, Mars Distributing Incorporated purchased the building and moved in. The upstairs was left mainly untouched. Furniture from the past occupants was left behind due to their rush to leave. The upstairs was still inhabited by the dead Milton family. After further exploration, it was found that rooms were nailed shut, hallways were put in the middle of nowhere, and windows would open to blank walls. Various attempts were made to remodel the upstairs of the building to lease out as apartments. These attempts were dramatically slowed when days of work had been destroyed by unknown forces.  Experienced workers got injuries for no reason.  Eventually Mars decided just to use the space for storage.

Soon the idea of a haunted house seemed perfect, after checking the history of the building, with much caution, the haunted house construction was completed in September of 1993. There have since been various incidents warning visitors of the presence of the Milton family. Some people say they experience a “chilling” sensation when walking through the house. Others don’t experience anything. According to some, the Milton family still roams through the upstairs of the building and they will never leave the site of their horrendous murder.